Fitness & Employment Medicals

Fitness and employment medicals are becoming a usual norm and is not usually covered by the NHS.

You may be asked to complete a medical to attend a TV show for example, when you want to study abroad, or when an employer is seeking clarification on certain medical conditions and whether you are fit enough to do the job.

You may require a medical to certify you fit to run a marathon.

You may require a medical report or certificate for studies that you have missed or unable to achieve your expected level due to illness.

We also provide fitness to fly medical certificates. You may be booked to fly but too unwell to go and may need a report for travel insurance purposes.

Some medicals may require you to provide previous medical records, blood tests or a chest X-Ray. You should bring these reports with you.
If you do not have test results this can also be arranged through the clinic.

Medical and completion of form or produce a fitness to fly certificate or educational illness report

CXR, blood tests, urine tests, and any other required tests are chargeable.

We would normally ask you to send the medical form that requires completing thus we can check for any additional documents or tests that need to be carried out before the medical is booked. Please email the form to