Private GP Appointments

Our highly experienced GPs can provide you with full assessment and treatment.
We can also arrange tests, prescribe treatments, and make a specialist referral for you.
Face to face appointments are available often on the same day, providing you with the care you need when you want it.

Face-to-face GP Consultations are held at the Portsmouth clinic from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and by appointment only.
Same-day appointments are available. They include issuing of a private prescription if needed during the consultation.
A standard appointment is usually sufficient to deal with one major problem during the consultation.

GP Consultation (Standard) 0-15minutes

GP Consultation (Double) 15-30minutes

GP Consultation (Extended) 30-45minutes

GP Consultation (1-Hour) 45-60minutes

Other Fees:
Urinalysis (in-house dipstick) – check for urine infection

Sick Note Certificate (maximum 2 weeks)

Referral to Specialist (per referral)

Referral for Investigations (per investigation e.g., X-Ray, MRI etc)

Administrative Charges (dealing with specialists and correspondences)
£300 per hour (minimum 15-minutes at £75)

What we can do for you:

  • Discuss any acute or long term conditions, worries or concerns (excluding emergencies such as acute and active chest pain or shortness of breath).

  • Help with general mental health, anxiety or depression.

  • Provide assessment and prescribe medication on private prescription.

  • Assess people of any age.

  • Refer for further investigations such as X-Rays, Ultrasound Scan, CT Scans, or MRI Scans

  • Refer to Specialist