Private GP Appointments

Our highly experienced GPs can provide you with full assessment and treatment.

We can also arrange tests, prescribe treatments, and make a specialist referral for you.

Face to face appointments are available often on the same day, providing you with the care you need when you want it.

Face-to-face GP Consultations are held at the Portsmouth clinic from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and by appointment only. Please call 0203 7343629 or 0789 7343629 during these hours to book an appointment or use the “REQUEST APPOINTMENT” link below.

Same-day appointments are available. They include issuing of a private prescription if needed during the consultation. Blood tests, urinalysis, and other investigations are charged as extra.

A standard appointment is usually sufficient to deal with one major problem during the consultation.
More complex problems may require longer appointments.

If interpretation is required, then a double appointment may be necessary. Please bring your interpreter to the consultation.

GP Consultation (Standard) 0-15minutes

GP Consultation (Double) 15-30minutes

GP Consultation (Extended) 30-45minutes

GP Consultation (1-Hour) 45-60minutes

Other Fees:
Urinalysis (in-house dipstick) – check for urine infection

Sick Note Certificate (maximum 2 weeks)

Referral to Specialist (per referral)

Referral for Investigations (per investigation e.g., X-Ray, MRI etc)

Administrative Charges (dealing with specialists and correspondences)
£300 per hour (minimum 15-minutes at £75)

What we can do for you:

  • Discuss any acute or long term conditions, worries or concerns (excluding emergencies such as acute and active chest pain or shortness of breath).

  • Help with general mental health, anxiety or depression.

  • Provide assessment and prescribe medication on private prescription.

  • Assess people of any age.

  • Refer for further investigations such as X-Rays, Ultrasound Scan, CT Scans, or MRI Scans

  • Refer to Specialist