Regency Medical offers a dedicated circumcision clinic in Portsmouth and pop-up clinics can be arranged at suitable locations around the country.
Our expert Dr Ruhin Karim is a leading provider in the UK with an international reputation.

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis in males. Some families choose to circumcise based on religious or cultural beliefs.
We carry out male circumcision for Religious and Cultural reasons.

The majority of our practice is carried out on babies and children, but we do cover all age ranges.
We operate from fully equipped minor operating rooms and would advise against home circumcision as all necessary equipment may not be readily available in case of an emergency.
For the new-born, it is advisable to carry out circumcisions as soon as possible after birth, usually day-7-14 onwards. The sooner the better, and less uncomfortable for the child.
We offer a 21-day aftercare service. After the procedure, parents and patients are given thorough post-operative guidance and encouraged to contact us with any concerns or questions they may have.
An initial consultation is offered, where detailed explanation of the procedure is given, and if deemed fit for circumcision, the operation will be done at the same visit. There is a £75 consultation charge if the patient is deemed unfit for surgery.
Medications, such as painkillers, are provided within the cost of circumcision, along with our peace-of-mind 21-day aftercare service. 

What to expect:

·       Initial consultation with Dr Karim with full explanation of the procedure, device used, and verbal and written after-care guidance is given. Any questions are answered at this stage.
·       History and examination of the patient is carried out to determine the fitness for surgery.
·       Both parents to be present to sign consent form for elective circumcision.
·       Topical local anaesthetic is applied to prepare for anaesthetic injection.
·       A penile nerve block is achieved using a 3-point injection technique.
·       Once full numbness is achieved, the procedure will usually take a few minutes to complete.
·       The correct sized Alisklamp would be applied using aseptic technique and all equipment used is disposable.  
·       The Alisklamp will remain in place and usually takes 5-7 days to fall off, but this can be variable as it is dependent on the age of the patient and the thickness of the foreskin. Dr Karim will advise how long it may take to fall off at this stage.
·       Patients can go home with painkillers.
·       It is important to refrain from excessive activities and should avoid any pulling or injury to the clamp.
·       There are no sutures or dressings to be kept dry or to be concerned about.
·       If the clamp gets soiled this can be easily washed off without any harm.
·       Dr Karim offers a complimentary review at day-7 or when the clamp falls off for the first review (recommended). It is encouraged for the patient to attend this review. All reviews are carried out at the Portsmouth Clinic and patient must attend here.
·       A second complimentary review is offered at day-21 following the circumcision which is optional but is encouraged for peace of mind.
Dr Karim is a regional expert in circumcision and has over 20-years’ experience in circumcisions.
Although most methods have been used, his preferred device is the Alisklamp.
The Alisklamp is a safe method and has been free from many potential complications in comparison to others such as the commonly used plastibell.
Dr Karim re-designed the original Alisklamp in 2009 to make it more anatomically and aesthetically pleasing. He is the only provider using the Alisklamp in the UK and is the Centre of Excellence in the UK.
This procedure involves an anatomically designed clamp that does not require any sutures. It has a tube attached which prevents the device from pushing back behind the glans penis and causing an unnecessary stricture and necrosis (a potential and serious complication of the plastibell).

There are no dressings to be concerned about, so washing and cleaning the device and the surround area can be carried out freely. Bathing can be carried out 24-hours post-operatively and is encouraged daily thereafter.
With this clamp method, it will fall off on its own and normally within 5-7 days. The time for the clamp to fall off is determined by the age and thickness of the foreskin of the patient.

The cost of the circumcision is age-dependent and the age of child at the time of the procedure, and is as follows:
This includes:
– initial assessment and the operation
– any medications as suggested by the doctor (paracetamol and ibuprofen)
– 1st review after 7-days of operation or when clamp falls off (whichever is sooner)
– 2nd review after 21-days of operation (optional)
– any advice from the doctor for 21-days after operation






10years or more or revision circumcision
From £500 (may vary after examination)

The cost of the circumcision payable by card, cash, or bank transfer.

A deposit of £75 is payable upon confirmation of booking. This is non-refundable if cancelled within 24-hours of the appointment or no-show.
Free-of-charge changes can be made at least 24-hours before the appointment.

Circumcisions are held at the Portsmouth clinic from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and by appointment only. Please call 0203 7343629 or 0789 7343629 during these hours to book an appointment or use the “REQUEST APPOINTMENT” link below.