Immigration Expert Witness Reports

Immigration Expert Witness Reports

We are a vetted member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses.

This allows us to provide detailed medical reports for the purposes of court to assist the Judge in making decisions on medical conditions. Often this will bring detailed clarifications on medical concerns that need to be taken into account for hearings.


Immigrations Medicals

At Regency Medical we pride ourselves producing high quality, detailed medical reports by our GP expert witness Dr Ruhin Karim.

Dr Karim is able to speak many different languages and is fluent in English, Bengali, Sylheti, Urdu, and Hindi.

We offer a holistic approach to medical, psychological, and mental health concerns covering all aspects of medical illnesses, anxiety, depression, phobias, and other psychological problems.

  • Registered with UK Register of Expert Witness – Immigration and Personal Injury
  • Specialist interest in UK immigration cases.
  • Effects of removal on subjects to country of origin for both medical and psychological reasons.
  • Family medical and mental health assessments.
  • Asylum and deportation proceedings.
  • Disability, vulnerability, and memory issues due to mental illness.
  • Fluent in English, Bengali, Sylheti, Urdu, and Hindi languages.
  • Cultural awareness of country differences and regions, including Asia, Africa, Middle East and Eastern European.

Some examples of cases covered:

  • Patient with known mental health problems, suicidal thoughts – effects of deportation
  • Patient develops suicidal thoughts in custody from increased stress and depressive mood – safety of patient in custody and the effects of removal from UK health system
  • Patient on HIV treatment – the effect of removal to a country with suboptimal treatment
  • Patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis – the effect of removal to a country where there is limited treatment
  • Patient from Russia – multiple chronic disease and the psychological effect of removal to war-stricken environment
  • Patient from Bangladesh – memory loss and inconsistent history given to courts – the effect of mental stress and mental health disorders leading to memory deficit
  • Psychological effect on a child if deporting a parent from UK – short and long-term effect of single-parenting
  • Patient from Bangladesh develops dementia – the suitability to return to Bangladesh with limited dementia treatment
  • Patient who is a carer of a dependent partner – the effect of removal to partner’s general health if deported
  • Patient from Calcutta – undiagnosed sexual abuse and PTSD
  • Patient from Pakistan. Homosexual. The effects of removal to a country where homosexuality is forbidden
  • Patient from Nigeria. Became housebound. Poor mobility, neurological disorder, dependent on family in UK, the effects of removal and fitness to fly
  • Patient arrested on flight for aggression and alcohol consumption – report on claustrophobia and effects of alcohol on flying and behaviour
  • Kurdish patient overstay seeking asylum – assessment of mental health and fear of life in war stricken environment and return to potential conflict zone

What do you get?

  • Discussion with instructing solicitor
  • Pre-assessment research which may include previous case history and outcomes, research into country specific items etc.
  • Face-to-face assessment of the patient/client to include all medical and psychological aspect (which takes about 2-hours).
  • Production of detailed medico-legal report to include answers to instructing solicitor questions (usually takes about at total of 10-12-hours of input time)
  • Report delivered by email usually within 3-7-working days if all records and instructions are in order (depending on URGENT or ROUTINE request)
  • Any amendments requested by the instructing solicitor (must be requested within 5-working-days of the delivery of report, beyond this period an hourly rate of £300 will apply)


£1000 per report. ROUTINE service if booked for 2-weeks or later – report turn around 7-days

£1500 per report. URGENT if booked less than 2-weeks – report turn around 3-days

£300 per hour for additional work outside of agreed terms.

Full payment due upon receiving instructions and confirmation of appointment and must be paid by bank transfer. If cancelled then an hourly fee of £300 will be deducted.

Consultations are carried out in the Portsmouth Clinic. We do offer a visiting service to assess patients in their own home, solicitor’s office, or detention centres anywhere in the UK. Please call to discuss terms.


Enquiries are welcome by the instructing legal team.

The reports provided are independent expert reports and direct contact should be made by legal team only. Clients are asked not to contact the expert witness directly and only when making an appointment for assessment.

We offer a complimentary 15-minute exploratory consultation with the instructing legal team to discuss any case and determine the suitability of creating a medical report. Please call 0203 7343629 or 0789 7343629 to book an appointment to speak to the expert witness doctor, or fill in the form on the contact page.