Regency Medical doctors have prepared a range of immigration and detention related cases. We can prepare any medical reports and the adverse effect it may have on the removal from the UK on any physical and mental health condition. We can also prepare reports on the effects of removal from the UK on an individual and/or family members.


An Expert Witness Report (also known as a medico-legal or medico-legal) report, is a report which is written by a doctor or another health professional for legal proceedings. A medico-legal report is the written evidence of a medical or allied expert witness. Experts write medico-legal reports for actual or potential litigation. 


In some cases, the need for an expert will be obvious and in others the value of such a report may be indeterminate. In the immigration setting, clients may be detained awaiting deportation, they may be undergoing a legal battle for immigration status, or they may have a known or unknown medical or mental health condition, all of which may require an assessment that needs to be expertly reported on. Foremost all of these situations naturally cause stress and anxiety leading to concerns with an individual’s mental health, even in the previously well patient. At Regency Medical, we are able to speak to you about the service that our panel may be able to provide; equally, we can advise when medico legal evidence may not be warranted. Whilst our experts are committed to adhering to medico legal report guidelines, their expertise and past experience will be invaluable to accessing the right report for your client in immigration proceedings. Proceeding without medical evidence may be detrimental to your case.


  • Availability and adverse effects of HIV treatment if removed from the UK to a country where treatment is not readily available
  • Fitness to Fly with severe anxiety issues
  • Fitness to Fly with cardiac issues
  • Effect of removal on physical health conditions
  • Effect of removal on mental health conditions
  • Extradition and its effects on the spouse
  • Extradition and its effects on the child
  • Effects of stress and anxiety relating to deportation, leading to new onset mental health problems
  • Effect of child separation anxiety from one parent and the likelihood of recurrence if the parent is permanently deported
  • Effects of mental torture by abusive partner refusing to support leave to remain in the UK (for both male and female and vice versa)
  • Assessment for mental health concerns with previous history of deliberate self harm
  • Assessment for mental health concerns with previous history of suicidal intent

This list is not exhaustive and we are happy to discuss any case with you and only take on the case if deemed suitable for our expert team.
Feel free to have a no obligation discussion with one of our experts who can offer a free 30-minute telephone consultation for potential instruction.


Medical report is done by a medically qualified doctor and a Psychology report is done by a psychologist, the doctor may be a psychiatrist or a GP. A psychiatrist is a specialist in their own field reporting on mental health, whereas a GP can provide medical reports in a holistic manner and report on psychological and mental health well being, to a high standard in addition to any other medical conditions that the patient may be suffering from. Most lawyers would agree that a GP report adds greater value to a case as it does not only concentrate on the mental health well being but also of any other medical conditions


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